APP – Brake Line Kit – GC8 GDB WRX Legacy Forester

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Elevate your vehicle’s braking performance with our premium brake lines ? a pinnacle of innovation. Engineered with Teflon hosing wrapped in braided stainless steel and a protective clear coating, these lines provide unparalleled responsiveness and heat resistance. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, they resist expansion, ensuring precise brake control. The clear coating not only shields against damage but also maintains a sleek appearance. Compatible with select models, including Legacy, Impreza, and Forester, these kits optimize fluid flow for a superior driving experience. Upgrade your brakes and specify your vehicle model at checkout for a perfect fit.

In Stock


Upgrade your vehicle’s brake performance with our premium brake lines, setting the industry standard. Crafted with precision, these top-of-the-line brake lines feature Teflon hosing encased in braided stainless steel and a protective original clear coating. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, these high-performance lines resist expansion, ensuring a more responsive and precise brake feel. The clear coating not only safeguards the braided stainless steel mesh, maintaining a pristine appearance, but also shields against potential tire contact. In contrast to generic rubber hoses prone to heat damage, our innovative design enhances heat resistance, allowing for consistent brake performance even under intense driving conditions. Say goodbye to the need for deeper pedal pressure ? our brake lines optimize fluid flow, guaranteeing accurate brake control. Compatible with a range of vehicles, including Legacy BC5/BF5/BG5/BD5 (4-disc brakes), Impreza GC8/GF8 Version I~IV (excluding RA Spec), Impreza GDB/GGB (4-pot front and 2-pot rear, excluding Spec C), and Forester SF5 (turbocharged vehicles only), these kits elevate your driving experience. Specify your vehicle model during checkout to ensure the perfect fit and unleash the full potential of your braking system.


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