ARP – Competition Wheel Studs – Subaru WRX

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Precision-engineered for drag racing and oval track enthusiasts, our studs boast a resilient design, withstanding extreme shear forces and providing 190,000psi clamping loads. Cad-plated and conveniently packaged in sets of 5, these studs are ideal for Subaru Impreza WRX applications. Nuts not included. Elevate your racing performance with our high-strength studs.

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Engineered to endure intense shear forces while delivering robust clamping loads of 190,000psi, our meticulously crafted studs are tailor-made for the demands of drag racing and oval track racing. Cad-plated for enhanced durability, these studs are available in convenient packs of 5, ensuring optimal performance when you need it most. Please note that nuts are not included. With a focus on precision and reliability, our studs are a perfect fit for Subaru Impreza WRX applications, offering the strength and resilience required for high-performance racing scenarios. Elevate your racing experience with our purpose-built studs designed to meet the challenges of the track.


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