CARBING – Radiator Cooling Plate – Toyota Levin AE101

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Elevate your vehicle’s cooling efficiency with our Radiator Cooling Plate, expertly designed to optimize airflow between the front grille and radiator top. Preventing air escape and promoting controlled airflow, this premium accessory enhances cooling performance, reducing the risk of overheating. Also serving as an under-the-hood style upgrade, the Radiator Cooling Plate is tailored for Toyota Levin AE101, offering both functionality and a sleek appearance. Drive with confidence, knowing your engine is kept at optimal temperatures for peak performance.

In Stock


Enhance your vehicle’s cooling system with our premium Radiator Cooling Plate, meticulously designed to optimize airflow and enhance cooling efficiency. Positioned strategically between the front grille and the radiator’s top, this innovative device ensures that air is directed through the radiator, preventing unnecessary escape from the top. Unlike stock vehicles where air often bypasses the radiator, our Radiator Cooling Plate acts as a barrier, connecting the grille to the radiator and facilitating a more controlled airflow. This not only prevents overheating but also promotes a more effective cooling process. Elevate both performance and aesthetics under the hood with this versatile accessory. Specifically crafted for Toyota Levin AE101, our Radiator Cooling Plate is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking superior cooling and a polished engine compartment appearance. Drive confidently with optimal engine temperature management and a touch of style.


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