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The Ezy-FLASH Pro redefines vehicle tuning, offering a handheld plug-in system for effortless modification of your car’s ECU. Packed with features like live data display, high-speed logging, and trouble code reading, it also allows easy uninstallation to revert to the original tune. ChipTorque provides tailored performance tune sets, including anti-theft, valet mode, and fuel-specific tunes. The device supports various Subaru models, with adaptable licenses. The latest addition, Performance Metrics, estimates times and speeds based on OBDII readings. With easy firmware updates and Tune Manager software, the Ezy-FLASH Pro is a game-changer for both enthusiasts and dyno tuners.

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The Ezy-FLASH Pro revolutionizes vehicle tuning with its cutting-edge technology. This handheld plug-in system facilitates seamless modification of your vehicle’s ECU, boasting the capability to store multiple programs, including the original factory setting. Experience live data display, high-speed logging, and trouble code reading and clearing, all at your fingertips with the Ezy-FLASH Pro. Uninstalling is a breeze, allowing you to revert to the original tune whenever necessary. The comprehensive package includes the Ezy-FLASH Pro, programming cables, Quick Start Guide, USB cable, Tune Manager software, User Manual, and Warranty.

ChipTorque offers performance tune sets tailored for standard and modified vehicles, with options like Stock/Base, anti-theft, Valet mode, and specific octane fuel performance tunes. Alternatively, opt for a blank Ezy-FLASH Pro for custom tuning by local dyno tuners. The Ezy-FLASH Pro supports various Subaru models, each with specific ECU styles. Licenses are adaptable within the same ECU style, and Tune Manager software facilitates high-speed log parameters, firmware updates, and adding tune sets.

Explore the newest feature, Performance Metrics, estimating times and speeds based on OBDII vehicle speed readings. Easy to use, simply connect via OBDII cable, and the Ezy-FLASH Pro records data for review with Tune Manager. Firmware updates are available for existing users. However, use caution, as the Ezy-FLASH should never be operated while the vehicle is in motion, and accuracy is dependent on the ECU’s speed parameter.

For mail-order, provide vehicle details, while existing Ezy-FLASH Pro users can request Tune sets by submitting the serial number and optional information like Initial ROM and Dyno graph. The Ezy-FLASH Pro is compatible with Subaru Forester XT MY04-06 2.5L Turbo and Subaru Forester GT MY01-03 2.0L Turbo, with plans for future models. Stay ahead with the Ezy-FLASH Pro ? your ultimate tuning solution.


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