ChipTorque – XFlash2 – Ford Explorer V6 & V8

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Elevate your vehicle’s performance with ChipTorque’s XFlash2 ? the ultimate engine management tool. Reprogram your car effortlessly through the OBD-II port, choosing from three preset performance programs or customizing tunes for unique modifications. Enjoy full control over your factory engine system, retain your Ford Factory Program, and access advanced features like live high-speed data logging and DTC trouble code diagnosis. Compatible with Ford Explorer V6 and V8 models, XFlash2 starts at $895 for one performance tune, ensuring unparalleled customization and performance for automotive enthusiasts.

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Experience unparalleled control over your vehicle’s performance with ChipTorque’s XFlash2, a cutting-edge engine management tool designed for seamless reprogramming through the factory OBD-II diagnostic port. Unlock the full potential of your vehicle with up to three preset performance programs meticulously crafted by ChipTorque’s skilled programmers. Alternatively, tailor your tunes to match specific fuel types, boost levels, rev limits, speed limits, and shift points, accommodating your vehicle’s unique modifications. The XFlash2 unit not only provides full control of the factory engine management system without any physical modifications but also retains your Ford Factory Program for easy reinstallation. With a user-friendly program installation process and the ability to live high-speed data log, you can now monitor and analyze PCM parameters effortlessly using SCT’s Live Link Software on your Windows-based computer. Additionally, the XFlash2 offers advanced features such as reading, clearing, and diagnosing DTC trouble codes, including check engine lights. Compatible with Ford Explorer V6 and V8 models, the XFlash2 is available with one performance tune for $895, two tunes for $995, and three tunes for $1095, making it a must-have investment for enthusiasts seeking optimal vehicle customization and performance enhancement.


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