Davies, Craig – 14″ Chrome Thermatic Fan Kit (12v)

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Revolutionize your vehicle’s cooling system with Davies, Craig Thermatic electric fans, the ultimate solution for primary and supplemental cooling. As a primary source, they offer an economical replacement with a 5-10% boost in power and fuel efficiency. The reversible blades cater to ‘pusher’ and ‘puller’ applications, ensuring compatibility with all controls. In supplemental cooling, these fans maintain constant airflow, optimizing air conditioning performance and providing crucial additional condenser cooling for R-134A refrigerant systems. Versatile beyond vehicles, they excel in refrigeration, air circulation, and extraction systems. Available in 12 and 24 Volts, ranging from 8″ to 16″, Davies, Craig Thermatic fans are the original and the best, boasting a maximum current of 11.0 Amps, a volume flow of 1270 CFM, and a weight of 1.500kg. Trust Davies, Craig for unmatched cooling efficiency ? the pioneers in electric fan technology. Beware of imitations.

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Elevate your vehicle’s cooling performance with Davies, Craig Thermatic electric fans, a versatile solution offering both primary and supplemental cooling benefits. As a primary cooling source, these fans serve as an economical replacement for original parts, delivering a 5-10% increase in engine power and fuel efficiency compared to conventional fans. Featuring reversible blades for ‘pusher’ and ‘puller’ applications, they are compatible with all electric fan controls, ensuring broad application coverage. In the realm of supplemental cooling, Davies, Craig Thermatic fans guarantee constant airflow irrespective of vehicle speed, enhancing air conditioning performance by maintaining consistent airflow across the condenser. Particularly crucial for R-134A refrigerant systems, these fans provide additional condenser cooling, optimizing the overall efficiency of the cooling system. Beyond automotive use, Davies, Craig Thermatic fans prove their versatility in applications such as refrigeration, air circulation, and extraction systems, showcasing reliability and durability. With models available in 12 and 24 Volts and a range of sizes from 8″ to 16″, featuring sealed motors of exceptional quality, Davies, Craig Thermatic fans are the original and the best. Beware of imitations. Specifications include a maximum current of 11.0 Amps (12 volt), a volume flow of 1270 CFM (600 Litre/s), and a weight of 1.500kg, comprising essential components like the motor, reversible rotor, shroud, and mounting hardware. Choose Davies, Craig for unparalleled cooling performance ? the original and the best in electric fan technology.