Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump 80L (12v) with Digital Controller (Universal)

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Discover the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump EWP?, the world’s first universal fit for automotive excellence. Boosting your vehicle’s cooling capacity and delivering up to 20 HP (15 kW) additional power, this revolutionary pump fits almost all car makes and models. The kit includes the Electric Water Pump (80L) and Digital Controller, ensuring intelligent coolant flow adjustments for enhanced engine performance. With a simple DIY installation, this EWP promotes greater fuel efficiency, increased engine life, and reduced crank strain. Upgrade to Davies Craig for a smarter, more powerful driving experience.

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Introducing the world’s first universal fit, automotive Electric Water Pump EWP? – a revolutionary Davies Craig design that enhances your vehicle’s cooling capacity while delivering an impressive increase in engine power, up to 20 HP (15 kW). This Electric Water Pump is compatible with nearly all makes and models on the road today and comes complete with the cutting-edge Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (80L) and Digital Controller. The controller intelligently adjusts coolant flow based on engine heat, even post-shutdown, offering unparalleled performance benefits such as increased engine life, superior cooling capacity, reduced crank strain, and improved fuel economy. With a straightforward DIY installation, this EWP caters to engines up to 5.0 liters, providing up to 80 liters per minute coolant flow. Moreover, backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty, Davies Craig ensures free repairs for any manufacturing defects. Say goodbye to traditional thermostats and welcome a smarter, more efficient way to maintain optimal engine temperature with Davies Craig Electric Water Pump – the cost-effective solution for horsepower enthusiasts and fuel-conscious drivers alike.


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