Edelbrock – Cleanable Valve Cover Breather

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Elevate your engine’s prowess with Edelbrock’s high-performance breathers. Chrome-stamped and designed for high-rpm applications, these breathers feature a low-restriction, oiled-cotton, gauze, and screen element?perfect for competitive use. The push-on style, paired with a premium K&N element, ensures superior filtration and airflow, delivering peak performance for your vehicle. Trust Edelbrock for unparalleled excellence in every drive.

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Enhance your engine’s performance with Edelbrock’s meticulously crafted breathers, chromed and stamped with the reputable Edelbrock name. Purpose-built for high-rpm, high-performance applications, these breathers feature an oiled-cotton, gauze, and screen element that boasts minimal restriction, making them the optimal choice for competitive environments. The push-on style, coupled with a top-tier K&N element, ensures efficient filtration and optimal airflow, elevating your vehicle’s capabilities to new heights. Trust in Edelbrock’s legacy of excellence for an unparalleled driving experience.


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