Fidanza – Aluminium Flywheel – Nissan SR20DET (RWD)

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Fidanza Aluminum flywheels, forged from high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum, combine strength, heat dissipation, and reduced weight. The robust 1050 steel friction surface adapts to various clutch materials, secured with military-grade aerospace fasteners. Heat-treated 1050 steel ring gears, attached with grade 8 button screws, ensure durability. Fidanza’s innovative stepped dowel system enhances reliability. Unmatched in serviceability and design, these flywheels, exemplified by the Nissan SR20DET application, outshine chromemoly alternatives. Elevate your driving experience with Fidanza’s cutting-edge aluminum flywheels.

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Fidanza Aluminum flywheels, crafted from premium 6061 T6 aluminum, boast exceptional strength, superior heat dissipation, and a notable reduction in weight. The friction surface features robust 1050 steel, precision-milled to meet Fidanza’s exacting standards. Compatible with a spectrum of clutch materials?organic, kevlar, ceramic, metallic, and sintered iron?a Fidanza flywheel is a versatile choice. The use of military-grade aerospace fasteners ensures the secure attachment of the friction surface. Employing 1050 steel for ring gears, treated for durability, Fidanza employs a meticulous process, heating and pressing the gears onto the flywheel, securing them with grade 8 button screws. Setting a benchmark with a stepped dowel system, Fidanza guarantees the permanence of dowels once the pressure plate is installed, as they lock firmly in place. With unparalleled serviceability, strength, and innovative design, Fidanza’s aluminum flywheels outshine any chromemoly alternative. The application extends to Nissan SR20DET (RWD only), showcasing Fidanza’s commitment to top-notch performance.

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