Five R Racing -Turbo Blanket – VF Series

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Discover peak performance with our Application List featuring a wide array of IHI VF Series Turbochargers, including VF13 to VF35. Elevate your vehicle’s power and efficiency with precision-engineered turbochargers designed for optimal performance. Choose from our extensive selection to find the perfect IHI VF Series Turbocharger for an enhanced driving experience.

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Explore our comprehensive selection of IHI VF Series Turbochargers, featuring top-of-the-line models such as IHI VF13, VF14, VF18, VF19, VF20, VF22, VF23, VF24, VF25, VF26, VF27, VF29, VF30, VF32, VF33, VF34, and VF35. Elevate your vehicle’s performance with our range of turbochargers designed to enhance power and efficiency. Whether you’re seeking the precision of VF13 or the robust capabilities of VF35, our Application List encompasses the entire IHI VF Series, ensuring you find the perfect turbocharger to suit your automotive needs. Trust in our expertise to optimize your driving experience with these top-notch turbocharger options.


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