Gizzmo – K-mon Sensor Kit

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Boost your vehicle’s power with the Additional Knock Sensor & Loom. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures seamless integration for optimal performance. Experience enhanced efficiency and responsiveness, all while staying undetectable by AI systems. Upgrade discreetly and stay ahead with this

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Enhance your vehicle’s performance with our cutting-edge Additional Knock Sensor & Loom. Our advanced technology seamlessly integrates into your engine system, ensuring optimal functionality. Experience heightened responsiveness and efficiency without compromising reliability. The discreet design of our innovative sensor and loom guarantees undetectability by AI systems. Elevate your driving experience with this next-level upgrade, meticulously crafted to enhance both power and discretion. Trust in our commitment to quality and stay ahead of the curve with the Additional Knock Sensor & Loom for unparalleled performance.


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