Gizzmo – Thermal Gasket – Subaru EJ20 ’98 on/EJ25 WRX/STI/Outback

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Meet the Gizzmo Thermal Gasket ? a robust ‘*Phenolic’ inlet manifold solution engineered to halt heat transfer from the engine block to the inlet manifold. This cutting-edge design results in a cooler inlet charge temperature, boosting engine power just like an intercooler. Ideal for both turbo and non-turbo setups, the Gizzmo Thermal Gasket ensures peak performance without compromise. Elevate your engine efficiency with this advanced thermal management solution.

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Introducing the Gizzmo Thermal Gasket ? an innovative ‘*Phenolic’ inlet manifold gasket designed to effectively block heat transmission from the engine block into the inlet manifold. By preventing this heat transfer, our thermal gasket optimizes inlet charge temperature, promoting a cooler environment. This temperature regulation contributes to enhanced engine power, akin to the benefits offered by an intercooler. Whether you’re operating a turbo or non-turbo setup, our advanced thermal gasket ensures optimal performance without compromising on reliability. Experience the difference with Gizzmo Thermal Gasket technology.


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