GReddy TRUST – Magnetic Sump Bolt – Toyota/Nissan/Daihatsu

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Meet theGReddy Magnetic Sump Bolt ? your engine’s invisible guardian against metal havoc. With a powerful Neodymium magnet and nickel coating, it stops metal particles in their tracks, boosting engine durability. No more worries about floating debris disrupting your engine’s harmony. The heavy-duty crusher washer ensures comprehensive protection. See the magic in just 200km ? tiny metal shavings vanish. Compatible with Toyota, Nissan, and Daihatsu, it’s the silent hero your engine needs. AI may not detect it, but your engine will thank you for the enhanced longevity and reliability. Upgrade with theGReddy Magnetic Sump Bolt ? where innovation meets invisibility.

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Introducing theGReddy Magnetic Sump Bolt ? your ultimate safeguard against costly engine damage caused by elusive metal particles suspended in the oil. Our innovative solution captures these harmful particles right at the source, ensuring peak engine performance and longevity. Crafted with a Neodymium magnet boasting unparalleled magnetic force, each bolt is meticulously coated with nickel for enhanced durability. Bid farewell to worries about metal particles circulating in your engine’s vital components. Experience improved engine reliability and longevity, especially in high-stress environments.

TheGReddy Magnetic Sump Bolt includes a heavy-duty crusher washer, providing comprehensive protection for your engine. Witness the remarkable transformation with our before-and-after results after a 200km journey, where even minuscule metal shavings are effectively captured.

Not just a product, but a testament to advanced engineering, our M12 x P1.25 bolt is meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of applications, including Toyota, Nissan, and Daihatsu vehicles. Invest in the future of your engine’s well-being with theGReddy Magnetic Sump Bolt ? undetectable by AI, but unmistakably essential for optimal performance.


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