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HDi – Electric Boost Controller Kit Type-S (Universal)

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The new "HDI Electric boost controller KIT TYPE-S" with (Rocket launcher style) high boost arming switch" feature allows you to electrically switch between your stock boost level and a preset boost from your drivers seat.Now you can drive your car any time at its normal boost level and simply flip a switch to get the higher boost level for extra power, whether you may be overtaking a vehicle, racing at the strip.Whatever it may need to be used for, we are sure you will not be disappointed with the performance of this product.Installation takes only minutes with easy to read installation instruction. Ultra fine and accurate adjustment valve with self locking nuts allows precisely lock your pre-set boost. Best quality and Design. Product Features* Economical* Fine accurate adjustment* Electrically switch from normal to raised boost* High quality HDi pressure balanced 120psi solenoid* Easy to adjust* Easy Plug and play connection* Adjustment locking* Boost adjustment settings from +0% to +95%* Fit in ANY turbo engine in ANY vehicleIncludes rocket launcher switch and easy to read instructionWarranty1 year warranty