HDi – Electric Boost Controller Kit Type-S (Universal)

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Meet the ‘HDI Electric Boost Controller KIT TYPE-S’ ? a game-changer for your vehicle’s performance. Switch seamlessly between stock and preset higher boost levels with a Rocket Launcher Style switch from your driver’s seat. Enjoy quick installation, ultra-fine adjustments, and easy plug-and-play connectivity. This high-quality controller fits any turbo engine, promising extra power for overtaking or racing. Elevate your driving experience with precision and style. Backed by a 1-year warranty, it’s the perfect upgrade for any car enthusiast.

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“Introducing the innovative ‘HDI Electric Boost Controller KIT TYPE-S’ featuring a ‘Rocket Launcher Style’ high boost arming switch. This advanced controller enables seamless electrical switching between your stock boost level and a preset higher boost ? all conveniently controlled from your driver’s seat. Whether you’re overtaking on the road or racing at the strip, experience the added power with a simple flick of a switch. Our product guarantees optimal performance, catering to diverse driving needs. With an installation that takes just minutes and clear, user-friendly instructions, you’ll be up and running in no time. The controller boasts an ultra-fine adjustment valve with self-locking nuts for precise and secure preset boost settings. Enjoy top-notch quality and design with its economical, fine-tuned adjustments, high-quality HDi pressure-balanced 120psi solenoid, and easy plug-and-play connectivity. This controller fits seamlessly into any turbo engine in any vehicle. Included in the package is the rocket launcher switch and comprehensive instructions for hassle-free installation. Plus, rest assured with our 1-year warranty ensuring peace of mind. Upgrade your driving experience effortlessly with the ‘HDI Electric Boost Controller KIT TYPE-S’!”

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