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Introducing the HDI-SBC-D-EVOLUTION Electronic Boost Controller, a precision-driven powerhouse for turbo enthusiasts. With a high-precision sensor and closed-loop regulation, it minimizes boost fluctuations for optimal performance. The anti-lag program ensures swift acceleration, while the dual-display HDi Super Boost Gauge provides quick BAR and PSI readings. Universal fitment makes it perfect for any turbocharged vehicle. Packed with features like in-cabin adjustment, 120psi solenoid, and dual measurement, it offers unparalleled control. Elevate your driving experience with the HDI-SBC-D-EVOLUTION ? precision, power, and performance in one sleek package.

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Introducing the HDI-SBC-D-EVOLUTION, a cutting-edge Electronic Boost Controller designed to elevate your turbo boost control experience. Equipped with a high-precision temperature-compensated pressure sensor, this controller serves as the ultimate reference for precision pressure regulation. Our unique closed-loop boost regulating technique ensures minimal boost fluctuation once your desired level is achieved.

Experience lightning-fast acceleration with our anti-lag program, which minimizes turbo spooling time, while still maintaining your ideal regulated boost level. The HDi Super Boost Gauge Type D (HDI-SBG-D) utilizes advanced stepper motor technology for unrivaled accuracy and swift response.

With a dual display design presenting both BAR and PSI in both analogue and digital formats simultaneously, you’ll enjoy easy and precise readings in the shortest time possible. Our boost controller boasts universal fitment, making it suitable for any turbocharged vehicle.

Key Features:

HDi Super Electronic Boost Controller with Dual in-cabin adjustment
Closed-loop boost regulation for stability
Fast target boost locking for optimal performance
120psi pressure-balanced solenoid for reliability
Microprocessor controlled for precision
Rigid aluminum casing for durability
HDi SBG-D Plug & Play Boost Gauge with Day & Night theme
Peak hold and recall function (with HDI-SEBS)
Dual readout with Digital & Analogue Display
Dual Measurement in PSI & BAR
Full 270 Degrees sweep dial for superb visibility
Advanced full electronic stepper motor drive for accuracy
High-intensity light-emitting diode backlight for enhanced visibility
Universal easy installation
Unleash the power of the HDI-SBC-D-EVOLUTION, providing you with unparalleled precision, boost control, and accurate measurement for an exceptional driving experience. Elevate your ride with our comprehensive kit, including the HDi Super Electric Boost Controller Kit Type-D (SE) and the Boost Gauge Type-D, offering a seamless integration into any turbocharged vehicle. Watch our installation video for a step-by-step guide on optimizing your vehicle’s performance.


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