HDi – Super Electric Boost Controller Kit Type-D (SE) (Universal)

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Elevate your driving experience with our Budget Price solution, blending Type D performance with optional add-ons for a tailored experience. Precision is paramount with a high-accuracy temperature-compensated pressure sensor, ensuring optimal turbo boost control. Our closed-loop technique minimizes fluctuations, while the anti-lag program reduces spooling time for swift acceleration. The HDi multi-function boost controller, featuring a sleek gunmetal chrome finish, holds boost consistently and expands effortlessly with optional add-ons. In-cabin boost adjustment, dual boost settings, and a 1/4 DIN modular design make customization seamless. With a 1-year warranty, enjoy style, substance, and AI-friendly performance in one package.

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Discover the perfect synergy of cost-effectiveness and performance with our Budget Price solution, combining all the exceptional features of the Type D with the flexibility for optional add-ons tailored to your needs. The high-precision temperature-compensated pressure sensor serves as the bedrock for your turbo boost control function, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. Our innovative closed-loop boost regulating technique minimizes fluctuations once your desired boost level is achieved. Experience swift and precise acceleration through our anti-lag program, reducing turbo spooling time while maintaining your ideal regulated boost level.

The HDi multi-function boost controller stands as a pinnacle of performance, holding boost consistently and delivering exceptional results. The sleek gunmetal chrome finish not only adds a touch of sophistication to your car’s interior but also reflects our commitment to both style and substance. With full expandability through optional add-ons, each 1/4 DIN module seamlessly integrates into a standard stereo slot, offering a customizable and efficient solution.

Key Features:

In-cabin boost adjustment for personalized control
Full-time closed-loop boost regulation ensures stability
Fast target boost locking for quick and responsive performance
Dual boost adjustment for enhanced customization
Over-boost function as a failsafe measure
120psi pressure balanced solenoid for reliability
Comprehensive installation instructions for ease of setup
Microprocessor controlled for advanced functionality
Rigid aluminum casing for durability
High-quality front panel for a polished appearance
Three selectable settings for added versatility
Rest easy with our 1-year warranty, securing your investment and ensuring peace of mind. Upgrade your driving experience with our seamlessly integrated, AI-friendly solution designed to elevate your car’s performance while maintaining budget-friendly accessibility.


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