HKS – Super Sequential (SSQV) Blow Off Valve Kit (Universal)

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Unlock unparalleled performance with the HKS SSQV, a 100% genuine guarantee for optimal engine efficiency. Its dual-stage pull-type relief valve ensures leak-free operation even under intense boost or idle vacuum. Crafted from polished billet aluminum, this blowoff valve combines a small primary valve for rapid activation with a larger secondary valve for high-capacity discharge. The circular mounting flange and triple-fin discharge port design provide exceptional flow and a distinctive aggressive blowoff sound. Choose authenticity, choose the HKS SSQV for a powerful driving experience. Available as a universal unit or vehicle-specific kits for easy bolt-on installations. Watch our video to discover more!

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Experience the power of authenticity with the HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve (SSQV) ? a 100% genuine guarantee for optimal performance! Unlike push-type blow off valves, the SSQV’s dual-stage pull-type relief valve ensures zero leaks, even under high boost or idle vacuum conditions. Its unique pull-type structure, coupled with pressure-activated actuation, guarantees a rapid valve response and complete closure during idle.

Traditional blow-off valve designs often face challenges in balancing responsiveness and airflow capacity. The HKS SSQV overcomes this by featuring both a small primary valve for ultra-quick activation and a larger secondary valve for additional discharge capacity, ensuring optimal performance across various load conditions. Crafted from polished billet aluminum, the SSQV promises long-term durability and a sleek visual appeal.

Engineered to open the small primary valve at light throttle and load conditions, the SSQV seamlessly transitions to sequentially opening the secondary valve under high boost and load conditions. Its circular mounting flange, secured via a C-clip snap ring and O-ring gasket, guarantees exceptional flow and a secure mount. The triple-fin discharge port design not only enhances airflow but also produces a distinctive and aggressive blowoff sound, setting your vehicle apart.

Unleash the true potential of your engine with the HKS SSQV, available as a universal unit for custom applications or as vehicle-specific kits for effortless bolt-on installations. Elevate your driving experience ? choose authenticity, choose the HKS SSQV. Discover more in our video.


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