JUN – Cam Sprocket – SR20DET Pulsar RNN14 Primera

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Discover the revolutionary Cam Slide Sprocket, tailor-made for the SR20DE(T) engine in GTi-R Pulsar and Primera by JUN Auto. These exclusive steel gears, renowned for sliding adjustment, enable precise valve timing customization?a must for tuned vehicles. Uncover unparalleled performance with JUN’s top-tier engineering. Limited stock, secure your set now.

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Introducing the cutting-edge Cam ‘Cam Slide Sprocket,’ meticulously engineered for the SR20DE(T) engine featured in the GTi-R Pulsar and Primera, exclusively crafted by the renowned tuning authority, JUN Auto. Renowned for producing unparalleled automotive solutions, JUN’s offerings remain elusive internationally. Essential for finely-tuned vehicles, the ‘sliding adjustment’ Steel gears facilitate precise valve timing customization. Priced per pulley, ensure to acquire a pair for a complete set. Elevate your driving experience with this state-of-the-art innovation, available in limited supply.


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