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Unlock the full potential of your engine with the JUN GT SURGE TANK. Meticulously designed for peak performance, this surge tank addresses critical factors like collector capacity, surge tank form, and funnel design. Avoiding the pitfalls of stock surge tanks, it balances capacity for tuned engines, promotes efficient airflow with a sleek taper design, and enhances inhaling air efficiency through a carefully crafted curl funnel. Compatible with Honda B16A and featuring a Nissan throttle body, this surge tank is engineered to optimize your engine’s output. Upgrade today for a seamless blend of form and function.

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“The performance characteristics of an engine undergo significant changes influenced by various factors. These factors include collector capacity corresponding to displacement volume, the design of the surge tank, length of the intake port, and the section of the intake port, among others. The JUN GT SURGE TANK is meticulously designed to maximize engine performance by carefully considering these elements.

Surge tank capacity is a critical consideration, especially in tuned engines. Stock surge tanks often fall short in accommodating increased output, potentially causing air distribution challenges among cylinders. Conversely, excessive tank capacity can hinder the inertia boost effect, impacting pressure changes. A well-designed surge tank balances these factors, ensuring optimal performance across different RPM ranges.

The form of the surge tank plays a crucial role in promoting efficient airflow. Unlike many stock surge tanks with a bulky design that disrupts airflow, an ideal surge tank design guides air seamlessly toward each cylinder without compromising movement energy. Tapering the tank from the entrance towards the back end allows for smooth airflow, eliminating unnecessary capacity and enhancing the inertia boost effect.

Additionally, the design of the funnel within the surge tank is essential for maintaining optimal airflow conditions for each cylinder. Unlike stock surge tanks with side openings, an efficient surge tank employs a curl funnel design, efficiently drawing in air from the entrance. This design significantly improves inhaling air efficiency.

In application, the Honda B16A is listed among the compatible engines. Notably, this kit utilizes a Nissan throttle body as part of the setup, utilizing stock Nissan parts from the Pulsar N15 model. Enhancing both form and function, this surge tank ensures high inhaling air efficiency, contributing to improved engine performance.”


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