JUN – GT Surge Tank – Subaru EJ20/GDB

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Unlock peak engine performance with the JUN GT Surge Tank, a precision-engineered marvel designed to revolutionize your driving experience. Tailored for engines like EJ20/GDB, this surge tank considers collector capacity, surge tank form, and funnel efficiency to maximize airflow and boost engine output. Say goodbye to stock limitations ? JUN GT strikes the perfect balance, ensuring optimal capacity, streamlined design, and efficient airflow. Elevate your ride with this high-performance upgrade, where innovation meets power.

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Enhancing Engine Performance with JUN GT Surge Tank

Experience a transformative shift in engine characteristics with the JUN GT Surge Tank, meticulously designed to optimize performance across various factors. From collector capacity aligning with displacement volume to the intricacies of surge tank form, intake port length, and port section, every detail is considered to extract maximum engine potential.

Capacity Considerations:
Stock surge tanks often fall short when it comes to accommodating tuning-induced output increases. A deficient tank capacity hinders optimal air distribution among cylinders. On the other hand, excessive capacity impedes the inertia boost effect crucial for efficiently channeling air into each cylinder. JUN GT Surge Tank strikes the right balance, ensuring a highly efficient surge tank that addresses both extremes.

Form Matters:
The design of the surge tank plays a pivotal role in ensuring streamlined airflow to each cylinder. Unlike conventional thick forms found in stock surge tanks, JUN GT adopts a tapered design. This facilitates smooth air passage, preventing disruptions like whirlpools and maintaining a consistent flow to the rear end. By eliminating unnecessary capacity, the surge tank optimizes the inertia boost effect, especially in high rotation regions.

Funneling Efficiency:
Optimizing airflow conditions within the surge tank is vital for each cylinder’s funnel. In contrast to stock surge tanks with non-projecting branches, JUN GT Surge Tank employs a curved funnel design, efficiently guiding downward air from the entrance. This strategic approach significantly improves inhaling air efficiency, surpassing traditional designs that focus on the upper part of the funnel.

Application List:
The JUN GT Surge Tank is tailored for exceptional compatibility, including applications such as EJ20/GDB. Elevate your engine’s capabilities with a surge tank that combines precision engineering and innovative design for unparalleled performance.

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