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Elevate your Nissan RB26DETT engine’s performance with JUN Tappet Shims. Precision-engineered to enhance tappet clearance by adjusting base circles, our shims are available in various thicknesses for tailored customization. Choose from options like 3.35mm to 4.35mm during checkout. Upgrade effortlessly and experience optimal engine functionality. Check compatibility in our Application List. Product Notes: N/A.

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Upgrade your engine performance with JUN Tappet Shims, meticulously crafted to accommodate increased tappet clearance by adjusting the base circles of the RB26DETT High Camshaft. JUN offers a diverse range of Tappet Shim sizes to suit your specific needs. Ensure optimal thickness by selecting from our comprehensive list during checkout. EngineSpec details for NISSAN RB26DETT (unit:mm) are as follows:

3.35mm: 1016M-N001
3.40mm: 1016M-N002
3.45mm: 1016M-N003
3.50mm: 1016M-N004
3.55mm: 1016M-N005
3.60mm: 1016M-N006
3.65mm: 1016M-N007
3.70mm: 1016M-N008
3.75mm: 1016M-N009
3.80mm: 1016M-N010
3.85mm: 1016M-N011
3.90mm: 1016M-N012
3.95mm: 1016M-N013
4.00mm: 1016M-N014
4.05mm: 1016M-N015
4.10mm: 1016M-N016
4.15mm: 1016M-N017
4.20mm: 1016M-N018
4.25mm: 1016M-N019
4.30mm: 1016M-N020
4.35mm: 1016M-N021
Make your purchase with confidence, and enhance your Nissan RB26DETT engine’s performance. Don’t forget to check our Application List for compatibility. Product Notes: N/A.”

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