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Discover the K&N difference with our premium oil filters, originally engineered for high-performance auto racing. Now a top choice for consumers, our filters boast a 1″ wrench nut for effortless removal, eliminating common hassles during oil changes. Built for durability, with thicker canister walls to withstand extreme conditions, our filters go beyond standard requirements. Designed by drag racing experts, they feature drilled safety wire holes for added track safety. Choose K&N for a quick, mess-free oil change experience, and enjoy peace of mind with our superior engineering. Elevate your vehicle’s performance ? select your filter below.

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Introducing our premium oil filter, originally designed for high-performance auto race applications, and now gaining popularity among discerning consumers for its exceptional durability and effortless removal. Our team, including seasoned sportsman class drag racers among our product development technicians, recognized the need for an oil filter that eliminates common challenges during oil changes.

K&N Oil Filters stand out with a unique feature ? they come equipped with a 1? nut welded to the canister’s top, facilitating easy removal with a standard tool. No more searching for that elusive canister tool or dealing with messy oil spills in your garage. For motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts, our filters feature a convenient 17 mm nut.

Built to withstand extreme conditions, our oil filter exceeds typical vehicle requirements. Thicker canister walls provide added strength, reducing the risk of damage from rocks and debris. The heavy-duty construction ensures resilience under the heightened oil pressures encountered in racing environments, preventing bursting.

Safety is paramount, and our oil filter addresses this with drilled safety wire holes, essential for various racing applications. This precautionary feature prevents blown oil filters from posing hazards on the track. Consumers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a product engineered for excellence.

Key Features:

Drilled safety wire holes for racing applications
Sturdy 1-inch wrench nut for quick and easy removal
Heavy-duty construction for durability
Resin-impregnated filter media maximizes contaminant removal
Anti-drainback valve (where applicable) prevents dry starts
Internally lubricated gasket ensures a positive seal and easy on/off
Rolled threads offer additional protection against stripping
Choose K&N Oil Filters for a superior oil filtration experience tailored to meet the demands of both racing enthusiasts and everyday drivers. Select your vehicle below to elevate your oil change routine.


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