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Optimize your engine’s performance effortlessly with our advanced tuning tool. This device accurately measures the Air to Fuel ratio through a cutting-edge exhaust sensor, catering to petrol, alcohol, and LPG engines. Equipped with a Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor, it ensures precision with easy-to-read numbers on its user-friendly interface. Trusted by top workshops, it’s the ultimate choice for efficient tuning.

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“Enhance engine performance with our cutting-edge tool that accurately measures the Air to Fuel ratio through an advanced exhaust sensor. The ultimate tuning companion for petrol, alcohol, and LPG engines, this device features a Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor for precise readings. With its user-friendly interface boasting big, easily readable numbers, it is the preferred choice of quality workshops. Elevate your tuning experience and efficiency with our state-of-the-art solution!”

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