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Meet the Microtech LT8S ECU ? the pinnacle of engine control units. Engineered for precision in 4-cylinder and twin-rotor applications, this kit includes a lightweight aluminum case, a 32-bit Motorola processor, and a 1-year warranty. Supporting up to 8 cylinders, it offers a max RPM of 15950 and customizable fuel delivery with true sequential operation. The ignition system features 16 RPM sites and corrections, allowing for precise tuning. With diagnostic LEDs, data logging, and quick laptop or handheld tuning, the LT8S is tailored to various car models, ensuring optimal performance with default maps based on specified details. Elevate your driving experience with Microtech’s latest innovation.

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Introducing the Microtech LT8S ECU, the cutting-edge engine control unit designed with precision and performance in mind. Ideal for 4-cylinder and twin-rotor applications, this ECU boasts Microtech’s latest technology, featuring 4 injector drivers and 4 ignition drivers. The comprehensive kit includes an ECU, labeled flying lead wiring loom, vacuum hose, fuel pump relay, fuse holder, and a detailed technical manual. Crafted with a lightweight extruded aluminum case, it comes with a 1-year warranty and a powerful 32-bit Motorola processor utilizing surface mount technology.

Supporting up to 8 cylinders and 2 rotor engines, the LT8S offers a maximum readable RPM of 15950 and supports various boost levels with optional versions available. Its fuel delivery system comprises 4 injector drivers capable of 4 amp peak hold, allowing true sequential operation on 4-cylinder and rotary applications. Tuneability options include MAP or TPS mode, or a combination of both, with a main matrix table offering 16×16 load sites (upgradable to 32×32).

The ignition features 4 pre-configured drivers with versatility for 1-8 cylinder engines using an external igniter, twin distributors, or 2 rotor engines. The unit provides precise control with 16 ignition RPM sites and 16 map corrections, all upgradeable for user-defined customization. Ignition timing adjustments, RPM limiters, and various correction factors ensure optimal performance.

Additional features include auxiliary input correction, coolant and air temperature correction, accelerator pump control, and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities with fault code indicators. The unit supports standard laptop adapter or handheld tuning, with data logging capabilities for efficient performance analysis. The LT8S is tailored to various car makes and models, with default maps loaded based on specified details.

When investing in a MicroTech ECU, specify your car’s make, model, year, and engine type to ensure a default map suited to your vehicle. Please note that Rotary maps are stocked as standard, and for non-rotary engines, map loading may take up to 3 days. This ensures a seamless integration of the LT8S ECU, delivering optimal engine control for a thrilling driving experience.


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