NISMO – Low-Temp Thermostat – Nissan SR & KA Series

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Elevate your racing experience with NISMO’s Low-Temperature Thermostat, finely tuned for peak performance. With a lower opening temperature of 62?C, compared to the standard 76.5?C, this thermostat promotes early coolant circulation, reducing power loss during high-speed races. Compatible with Nissan models such as SR20DET and KA24DE, it ensures optimal engine efficiency. Additionally, in colder climates, it enhances interior heater performance. Upgrade your ride with precision engineering and superior temperature control.

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NISMO’s Low-Temperature Thermostat is designed to optimize radiator valve performance by achieving a lower temperature opening at 62?C, in contrast to the standard 76.5?C. This innovative thermostat facilitates earlier coolant circulation within the engine, mitigating power loss attributed to elevated coolant temperatures during high-speed racing. The valve’s lowered opening temperature is strategically set in proximity to the threshold valve, triggering a rich mixture boost for optimal performance in low-temperature conditions.

This product is compatible with various Nissan models, including SR18Di, SR18DE, SR20Di, SR20DE, SR20DET, SR16VE, SR20VE, SR20VET, and KA24DE. Please refer to the Application List for more details.

It’s important to note that, during colder seasons like winter, the thermostat helps maintain lower water temperatures within the engine. This feature contributes to improved interior heater performance, making it a versatile solution for varying driving conditions.


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