Nissan – Throttle Position Sensor Pulsar N15 VZ-R N1

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Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with the Nissan OEM Throttle Position Sensor tailored for the SR16VE-equipped VZ-R R1 Spec Pulsar N15. Exclusively designed for use with the VZ-R throttle body, this precision-engineered sensor ensures optimal compatibility and peak efficiency in your engine management system. Elevate your driving experience with this genuine OEM part.

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Discover the authentic Nissan OEM Throttle Position Sensor meticulously crafted for the SR16VE-equipped VZ-R R1 Spec Pulsar N15, exclusively designed to seamlessly integrate with the VZ-R throttle body. This precision-engineered sensor ensures optimal performance and compatibility, providing a reliable solution for enthusiasts seeking peak efficiency in their vehicle’s engine management system. Explore the unparalleled quality and compatibility of this genuine OEM part to enhance your driving experience.


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