NOS – Big Shot Single Stage Nitrous Kit (200-400 Hp Adjustable)

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Unleash unparalleled power with the NOS Big Shot, the World’s Most Powerful Single Stage Plate Nitrous System. Engineered with a groundbreaking “fogging” plate design, it enhances nitrous flow, fuel atomization, and mixture distribution for unbelievable horsepower. Adjust power output from 200 to 400 HP effortlessly. The kit includes a NOS Pro Shot nitrous solenoid, power jets, a 10 lb. bottle, and all necessary hardware for easy installation. Ideal for highly modified engines and competition use, the Big Shot delivers record-breaking runs with its advanced features and efficient nitrous system. Upgrade your Holley 4 bbl engine and experience the thrill of unmatched performance.

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Experience unparalleled power with the World’s Most Powerful Single Stage Plate Nitrous System. The NOS Big Shot systems are engineered with a revolutionary “fogging” plate design, strategically enhancing nitrous flow, fuel atomization, and mixture distribution. Our Big Shot plate features an innovative spray bar equipped with precision-engineered tiny orifices, ensuring the efficient dispersion of a potent nitrous/gasoline mixture, delivering unbelievable horsepower.

Customize your power output effortlessly, ranging from 200 to 400 horsepower, by simply adjusting fuel and nitrous jets. The single stage Big Shot systems incorporate a NOS Pro Shot nitrous solenoid with a -6 AN nitrous supply line. Your kit includes a variety of power jets, a nitrous bottle, a 1/2″ fogging plate, filters, fittings for fuel and nitrous, switches, and all essential electrical and hardware components for a seamless installation.

For added flexibility, Big Shot fogging plates are also available separately. The Big Shot Nitrous System for Holley 4 bbl engines, delivering an impressive 200?400 HP with a 10 lb. bottle, is designed for engines that have undergone extensive modifications, catering primarily to competition applications.

Installation Notes: To ensure optimal performance, Big Shot systems necessitate engines equipped with extensive modifications. Use a fuel pump designed to operate between 5 and 10 PSI, with a flow rate of at least 0.1 gallons per horsepower per hour at 6 PSI, to supply the proper amount of fuel to the carburetor and Big Shot system. These kits generate high cylinder pressures, significantly increasing the load on internal engine components.

Key Features:
– Unique Fogging Plate Design
– Vastly Improves Nitrous Flow
– Enhances Fuel Atomization
– Optimizes Mixture Distribution
– Advanced EDM Technology
– Highly Efficient Nitrous System
– Includes Necessary Electrical Hardware
– Record-Breaking Runs

Bottle Size: 4.5kg
Suits Holley 4-Bbl flange

Unleash the power of the Big Shot Nitrous System and experience record-breaking runs like never before.


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