Perma Cool – Single Oil Filter Relocation Kit (Universal)

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Elevate your vehicle’s maintenance game with our Universal Oil Filter Relocation Kit. Designed for 98% of automotive applications, this kit streamlines oil changes and optimizes engine performance. Enjoy a convenient filter location, increased engine clearance, and enhanced oil capacity. Choose between single or dual remote mounts, benefiting from a dual filter system for superior filtration. The kit includes an adapter, eight feet of customizable oil hose, and all mounting hardware. With universal coverage for various filter thread sizes, experience quick, efficient, and hassle-free oil changes. Upgrade now for a seamless blend of accessibility and performance.

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Experience seamless oil changes and optimize your engine’s performance with our state-of-the-art Universal Oil Filter Relocation Kit. Our kit is designed to cater to 98% of all automotive applications, ensuring a universal fit for various engines. Here’s how our kit enhances your vehicle:

* **Convenient Filter Placement:** Effortlessly move your oil filter to a more accessible location within the engine compartment, providing added convenience during maintenance.

* **Enhanced Engine Clearance:** Facilitate engine swaps with ease as our kit offers extra clearance, streamlining the process for a hassle-free experience.

* **Increased Oil Capacity:** Enjoy improved oil capacity, ensuring optimal lubrication for your engine and contributing to its longevity.

* **Versatile Mounting Options:** Choose between a single or dual remote oil filter mount based on your preferences and requirements, offering flexibility for different setups.

* **Dual Filter System:** Double up on oil filtration efficiency with our dual filter system, providing superior protection for your engine.

* **Efficient Oil Changes:** Experience fast and easy oil changes, thanks to our comprehensive kit that includes an adapter, oil hose, and all necessary mounting hardware. The eight feet of oil hose allows for custom fit lines, tailored to your specific needs.

* **Universal Coverage:** Our kit accommodates engines with various spin-on oil filter thread sizes, including 3/4″-16, 13/16″-16, 1″-12, M18x1.5, M20x1.5, and M22x1.5, ensuring broad compatibility across different vehicles.

Improve your vehicle’s maintenance efficiency and protect your engine with our Universal Oil Filter Relocation Kit. The kit comes complete with illustrated multilingual instructions, empowering you to enhance your engine’s performance with ease. Upgrade today and enjoy the benefits of seamless oil changes and optimized engine functionality.


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