PPG – Dog Box Gearset – Toyota Supra

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Unleash superior performance with our gearsets, trusted in Tarmac Rally, Circuit Racing, Street, and Drag scenes. The Supra W series gearbox effortlessly fits diverse applications, featuring customizable ratios and a 650hp rating. Our Straight Cut Gearset delivers unmatched strength, ideal for 600+hp vehicles, while the Helically Cut Gearset balances power and noise. Explore Synchromesh for street applications and Dog Engagement for race-focused performance. Elevate your driving experience with PPG’s precision-engineered gearsets.”

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“Discover the widespread application of our gearsets in Tarmac Rally, Circuit Racing, Street, and Drag scenarios. The Supra W series gearbox stands out for its seamless integration into diverse setups, making it a favorite among enthusiasts. Our gearsets, equipped with standard billet selector forks, boast a customizable 1:1 fourth gear and overdrive 5th. Customize your order for tailored performance.

With ratios like 1st – 2.80 / 1.84 / 1.33 / 1.00 / 0.86, our gearsets can handle a horsepower rating of up to 650 hp. The Straight Cut Gearset, featuring our distinctive tooth profile, offers unparalleled strength, ideal for high-powered vehicles like the Subaru WRX with over 600hp. Although straight cut gearsets produce inherent whine due to tooth meshing, their strength is unmatched, ensuring reliability under extreme conditions.

For those seeking less gear noise without compromising power, our Helically Cut Gearset is a popular choice. Widely used in highly modified street cars, this gearset transmits extreme power while maintaining a balance between gear noise and strength. Explore our range, including Synchromesh and Dog Engagement options.

PPG Synchromesh Gearsets bring factory-style gear selection to your gearbox, perfect for street applications. Strengthened synchromesh hubs and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability. Please note that synchro rings are available through your Subaru Dealer.

For race-centric applications, our Dog Engagement gear selection, available in both Helical and Straight Cut PPG Gearsets, is gaining popularity among highly modified street cars. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with our specialized gearsets.

Watch our product video for an in-depth look into the performance and capabilities of our gearsets.”


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