PPG – Synchromesh Gearset – Honda K-Series (2nd/3rd)

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Unleash the power of your street-driven car with our high-performance gear sets, catering to engines up to 700hp. Choose from our robust Straight Cut Gearset for unmatched strength or opt for the popular Helically Cut Gearset for a balance of power and reduced noise. Elevate your gearbox with PPG Synchromesh Gearsets, providing factory-style gear selection with enhanced durability. For race enthusiasts, our Dog Engagement gear selection delivers optimal performance. Explore the pinnacle of gear technology with PPG ? where power meets precision.

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“Discover a versatile gear set ideal for high-performance street cars boasting up to 700 engine horsepower, prioritizing synchromesh engagement for optimal street drivability. With ratios like 2nd – 1.150 and 3rd – 0.909, this gear set is designed to handle the power demands of your vehicle.

Our Straight Cut Gearset, featuring a distinctive tooth profile, excels in strength, catering to cars with over 600hp, such as the Subaru WRX. Unlike helically cut gearsets, straight cut gears deliver unparalleled strength due to full tooth contact during rotation. While they may produce some noise, their durability makes them a preferred choice for power enthusiasts.

For those seeking a balance between power and reduced noise, our popular Helically Cut Gearset is the go-to choice. Ideal for highly modified street cars, these gearsets maintain strength while minimizing gear noise compared to straight cut alternatives.

Enhance your gearbox with PPG Synchromesh Gearsets, offering factory-style gear selection for Helical or Straight Cut Gearboxes. Strengthened synchromesh hubs and top-notch materials ensure long-lasting durability, perfect for street applications. Note that synchro rings are available through your Subaru Dealer.

Embrace the ‘race-only’ style with Dog Engagement gear selection, perfect for highly modified street cars. Available for both Helical and Straight Cut PPG Gearsets, Dog Engagement ensures top-notch performance. Explore our product video for a closer look at what sets PPG gearsets apart.”


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