PPG – Synchromesh Gearset – Nissan Pulsar GTi-R (1st/2nd)

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Explore PPG’s high-performance 1st-2nd synchromesh set tailored for the Pulsar GTiR. This street-friendly gearset combines synchromesh engagement for smooth driving with closer ratios and robust design, ensuring durability up to 500hp. PPG offers Straight Cut Gearsets for superior strength, popular among 600hp Subaru WRX enthusiasts. Helically cut gearsets find favor for extreme power in modified street cars, balancing performance with reduced noise. Synchromesh Gearsets provide factory-style gear selection, strengthened for lasting durability. Dog Engagement gear selection, designed for racing, is available for both Helical and Straight Cut PPG Gearsets. Watch our product video for a closer look.

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“The PPG 1st-2nd synchromesh set designed for the Pulsar GTiR is ideal for street use, offering synchromesh engagement to ensure a factory-like drivability experience. This set not only enhances driveability but also boasts closer gear ratios and substantial strength improvements. With ratios of 1st – 2.833 and 2nd – 1.687, and a horsepower rating of 500hp, the Straight Cut Gearset features a unique design for added strength. The distinctive tooth profile of PPG’s Straight Cut gear design provides even more durability than their already reliable helically cut gearsets.

Popular among enthusiasts, the Subaru WRX straight cut set is found in vehicles exceeding 600hp, showcasing the extraordinary strength needed for high power levels. While straight cut gearsets may be relatively noisy due to the meshing of teeth during rotation, the total contact along the tooth at all times provides unmatched strength. On the other hand, PPG’s helically cut gearsets are favored for transmitting extreme power in highly modified street cars, offering a balance between performance and reduced gear noise compared to straight cut gearsets.

For those seeking factory-style gear selection in their Helical or Straight Cut Gearbox, PPG Synchromesh Gearsets deliver on the streets. Strengthened synchromesh hubs and high-quality materials ensure durability for years to come. Note that synchro rings are not produced by PPG and must be obtained from your Subaru Dealer. Lastly, Dog Engagement gear selection, primarily designed for race applications, has gained popularity among highly modified street cars. Available for both Helical and Straight Cut PPG Gearsets, this ‘race only’ style offers versatility for various applications. For more information, check out our product video.”


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