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Revolutionize your WRX/STi with our top-mounted intercooler, engineered for unrivaled performance. Correcting competitors’ oversights, we provide essential ducting/shrouding for optimal airflow. At 90mm thick, our intercooler ensures efficient heat exchange, translating to lower outlet temps and increased power. The Y-pipe design guarantees uniform charge air distribution, setting us apart from the competition. Tested on the dyno and the road, our intercooler outshines stock alternatives, delivering peak performance. Elevate your Subaru experience with Process West ? where innovation meets power.

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Introducing our cutting-edge top-mounted intercooler, meticulously crafted to stand as the premier aftermarket choice for WRX/STi enthusiasts. Our relentless commitment to perfection led us to scrutinize competitors’ offerings, addressing critical flaws that many overlook. One glaring oversight common among competitors is neglecting to provide adequate ducting/shrouding for the expanded intercooler size. Upgrading your intercooler without optimizing the airflow renders it ineffective.

Our solution is a precisely tailored shroud, ensuring optimal performance. In the image below, our top-mounted intercooler in a 2006 Forester XT exemplifies this, highlighting the inefficiency of leaving the factory splitter/shroud intact. A significant portion of the enhanced intercooler remains untouched by ambient airflow, a futile investment.

We address another prevalent issue ? the excessive thickness of competitors’ intercoolers. Our design philosophy prioritizes functionality over boasting rights. With a thickness of 90mm (3.5in), our intercooler facilitates improved heat exchange, resulting in lower outlet temperatures and enhanced power.

The Turbo compressor outlet to intercooler (Y-pipe) design further sets us apart. Unlike competitors with uneven charge air distribution, our Y-pipe guarantees optimal airflow balance across the intercooler, as demonstrated below.

Combining these features results in the ultimate Subaru top-mounted intercooler. Our comprehensive solution, featuring the Y-pipe/intercooler/splitter combination, ensures peak performance. See the complete setup below.

Testing conducted, despite challenges on the dyno, reveals our intercooler’s superiority. A baseline power run with our intercooler/splitter achieved 115.5kw, outperforming the stock intercooler at 107.5kw. Intercooler outlet temperatures were notably lower with our product, showcasing its efficiency.

Street testing validates our claims, with intercooler outlet temperatures peaking at 43C during rigorous driving ? a testament to real-world performance. In comparison, the stock intercooler experienced higher temperatures, impacting the car’s liveliness.

Our top-mounted intercooler is tailored for Subaru Forester XT (04-07) and 98-07 WRX models. Note that installation requires a blow-off valve, as the factory version is incompatible without a custom adapter.

Elevate your driving experience with the Process West top-mounted intercooler ? where innovation meets unmatched performance.


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