Process West – Top Mount Intercooler – Subaru Impreza WRX (08-10)

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Introducing the groundbreaking Process West 08/09 WRX top mount intercooler ? a pinnacle of performance and innovation. With a unique core layout, it boasts the largest surface area in its class, optimizing efficiency for unparalleled heat exchange. Unlike competitors, our design increases both flow length and surface area, coupled with a custom underhood duct for optimal air circulation. The result is a compact yet powerful intercooler, offering a massive 400mm flow length and a slim 90mm bar and plate core. Rigorous testing showcases a remarkable temperature reduction, peaking at 45 degrees Celsius compared to the stock intercooler’s 90 degrees Celsius. Dyno tests further demonstrate a significant power difference, emphasizing the intercooler’s undeniable impact on performance. For seamless compatibility, an optional hot side intercooler hose allows integration with traditional WRX turbos. Elevate your WRX with the Process West intercooler ? where innovation meets efficiency, revolutionizing your driving experience.

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Introducing our cutting-edge top mount intercooler for the 08/09 WRX ? a game-changer in performance and innovation. Boasting a unique core layout meticulously designed for optimal efficiency, it features the largest surface area among all G3 WRX top mounts on the market. Unlike competitors who opt for the easy route of copying factory parts and merely increasing thickness, we took a revolutionary approach.

Our top-mounted intercooler stands out by increasing both flow length and surface area, a key factor for maximum heat exchange. To ensure optimal air circulation, we include a specially designed underhood duct, addressing common issues observed in other top mounts. The Process West 08/09 WRX intercooler is essentially a small front-mounted intercooler seamlessly integrated into the engine bay, offering a substantial 400mm flow length (almost double the factory unit) and a slim 90mm bar and plate core.

For a comprehensive solution, our kit includes all necessary components, such as the underhood duct and parts showcased in the accompanying images. The detailed comparison against the stock 08/09 intercooler clearly demonstrates the superior performance of our product. In rigorous testing, our intercooler exhibited a remarkable reduction in outlet temperatures, peaking at just 45 degrees Celsius compared to the stock intercooler’s alarming 90 degrees Celsius.

To validate our claims, we present dyno test results on a modified 08 WRX. The graph illustrates the significant power difference achieved with our intercooler, even under the demanding conditions of dyno testing. The improved efficiency is evident, with the dyno pull on the Process West intercooler cut short due to the car running on the lean side. While some of the power increase can be attributed to a leaner air/fuel mixture, the undeniable impact of reduced intercooler outlet temperatures is evident.

To further enhance compatibility, we offer an optional hot side intercooler hose, allowing seamless integration with traditional WRX type turbos. This means effortless fitting of aftermarket bolt-on turbos designed for the 01-07 WRX into your 08-10 model.

Elevate your WRX’s performance with the Process West 08/09 WRX top mount intercooler ? where innovation meets efficiency. Explore the possibilities and experience the power difference for yourself.


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