Process West – Top Mount Intercooler – Subaru Impreza WRX/STi (97-98)

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Unleash the full potential of your Subaru WRX/STi with our top-mounted intercooler?an aftermarket marvel meticulously designed to outperform the competition. We’ve perfected the art of intercooler design by addressing common flaws: inadequate ducting, excessive thickness, and uneven charge air distribution.

Our solution includes a precisely sized shroud, optimized 90mm thickness, and a Turbo Compressor Outlet to Intercooler (Y-pipe) design for perfect airflow distribution. Dynamometer testing proves superior power output and lower temperatures compared to stock alternatives.

Street testing under demanding conditions further demonstrates our intercooler’s efficiency, consistently maintaining lower outlet temperatures (peak at 43C) compared to stock alternatives (peak at 72C). Elevate your Subaru experience with our top-mounted intercooler?where innovation meets performance.

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When developing our cutting-edge top-mounted intercooler for the WRX/STi, our primary objective was to create the ultimate aftermarket solution?period. Through meticulous analysis of competitor products, we rectified significant flaws, with the most glaring being the consistent oversight of proper ducting/shrouding to complement the enhanced size of the new intercooler.

Unlike our competitors, we address this issue head-on by providing a meticulously sized shroud tailored to the application, ensuring optimal performance. Witness the visual demonstration in the image below, featuring our top-mounted intercooler installed in a 2006 Forester XT. It vividly illustrates the inefficiency of retaining the factory under-bonnet splitter/shroud when upgrading to a larger intercooler?a common oversight in the industry.

Another prevalent concern among competitors is the excessive thickness of their intercoolers, erroneously believing that ‘bigger is better.’ Our intercooler, at a strategically optimized 90mm thickness, facilitates superior heat exchange, resulting in lower outlet temperatures and, consequently, increased power.

Addressing the often-neglected Turbo Compressor Outlet to Intercooler (Y-pipe) design, our innovation ensures perfect charge air distribution, avoiding the uneven flow seen in most aftermarket y-pipes. The combination of these three features results in the epitome of a top-mounted intercooler designed exclusively for Subarus.

In terms of testing, our product outperforms the stock intercooler, as evidenced by dynamometer results. Despite the challenges posed by limited airflow during dyno testing, our intercooler consistently delivers higher power output and lower outlet temperatures compared to the stock alternative.

Street testing, a more realistic evaluation, further validates our intercooler’s superiority. On-road trials with our intercooler/splitter combo demonstrate consistently lower outlet temperatures, peaking at 43C even under demanding driving conditions, in stark contrast to the stock intercooler’s peak of 72C.

In conclusion, our top-mounted intercooler is the pinnacle of Subaru performance enhancement, addressing critical design flaws in the industry. Explore the images below for a closer look at the installed views on a WRX and Forester, showcasing the stark contrast between our product and the factory splitter.

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