Process West – Vmounted Cooling System – Subaru Impreza WRX/STi 01-07

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Unleash the pinnacle of cooling technology with our 2-year-developed time attack cooling system. This unparalleled combination of the finest intercooler and radiator on the market delivers track-proven excellence. The Process West Vmount system integrates top-mounted throttle response with front-mounted intercooler efficiency, ensuring optimal performance on and off the track. Featuring “stepped” radiator core technology at a 30-degree angle, it guarantees peak cooling efficiency for the 01-07 WRX/STi. With a massive 660 x 210 x 90mm intercooler core, our system keeps temperatures in check, even in demanding conditions. From grueling track sessions to 40-degree heat in Thailand, our Vmounted cooling system delivers unmatched reliability. Whether racing or cruising the streets, experience power and precision with Process West.

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Introducing the culmination of 2 years of meticulous development ? our cutting-edge time attack cooling system. Behold the unrivaled combination of the best intercooler and radiator in the market. Engineered for supreme performance, our system seamlessly integrates the throttle response of a top-mounted intercooler with the efficiency of a front-mounted intercooler, ensuring optimal functionality on the track.

In the realm of track cars, having an efficient intercooler is futile unless engine cooling is impeccably managed. Enter the Process West Vmount system, featuring state-of-the-art “stepped” radiator core technology. This innovative design, mounted at a precise 30-degree angle, facilitates unparalleled cooling efficiency. Even in a laid-over position, the ambient airflow through the radiator remains parallel to the road surface, resulting in the most effective radiator available for the 01-07 WRX/STi.

On the track, our system boasts a massive 660 x 210 x 90mm bar & plate intercooler core. Race track data showcases intercooler outlet temperatures peaking at 45?C (ambient temps at 30?C) after rigorous super sprint sessions. The Jason Wright 450hp STi, a testament to our system’s prowess, maintains water temperatures under perfect control at 82?C.

Notably, our Vmounted cooling system thrives in extreme conditions, enduring 650hp, 40-minute races, and 40-degree heat in a race car in Thailand. Meanwhile, on the streets, Tino from WA attests to the capabilities of our system with his impressive 04STi. Equipped with the Process West Vmount and Corsa Veloce billet intake manifold, featuring a GT40r turbo, the power output reaches an astounding 529hp at the wheels on 1.9bar ? a testament to the Vmounted system’s formidable power potential.

Pictured below are components of the Process West V-Mount Intercooler Kit, applicable to Subaru Impreza WRX/STi models from 2001 to 2007. Elevate your driving experience with the unparalleled performance and reliability of our Vmounted cooling system.

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