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Unleash the power of your engine with the “Bery-Ring” ? a state-of-the-art valve sheet that redefines performance. Engineered for air tightness, wear resistance, and superior cooling in high-rotation, high-load scenarios, the “Bery-Ring” stands out with its beryllium copper alloy construction. This alloy, known for unmatched mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, swiftly cools the cylinder, ensuring optimal output. Ideal for Subaru models like Impreza, Forester, and Legacy with EJ20 engines, “Bery-Ring” dominates the market, offering a perfect blend of innovation and affordability. Elevate your ride ? choose “Bery-Ring” for an unparalleled driving experience.

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Introducing the cutting-edge “Bery-Ring” ? a revolutionary valve sheet meticulously designed to excel in maintaining air tightness, wear resistance, and unparalleled cooling performance, especially in high-rotation, high-load engines. In the realm of racing engines, precise temperature control is paramount, and the “Bery-Ring” rises to the challenge with a strategic use of high heat conduction metal ? beryllium copper alloy (BeCu). This alloy, renowned for its mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, and wear resistance, takes cylinder cooling to unprecedented levels. Leveraging the exceptional thermal conductivity of copper, the “Bery-Ring” efficiently absorbs heat from the cylinder, swiftly transmitting it to the cylinder head for rapid cooling. We’ve prioritized affordability without compromising quality, positioning “Bery-Ring” as the go-to choice for turbocharged engines, specifically tailored for Subaru models such as Impreza, Forester, and Legacy with EJ20 engines. Boasting an impressive market share worldwide, our commitment is to provide this super-high-grade beryllium copper at an accessible price point. Elevate your engine’s performance with “Bery-Ring” ? where innovation meets affordability.

– Intake: 8
– Exhaust: 8
– Suitable for:
* Subaru Impreza – EJ20
* Subaru Forester – EJ20
* Subaru Legacy – EJ20.


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