TOMEI – EJ Single Scroll ARMS M7760 Turbo Kit for EJ20/EJ25

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Introducing the ARMS M7760, a high-performance bolt-on turbo designed exclusively for the EJ engine. Despite its impressive size, this turbocharger maximizes efficiency to extend the power band into higher RPMs while maintaining the EJ engine’s unique characteristics.

Upgrade your EJ engine with confidence, as our turbo maintains primary exhaust pressure at low RPMs, ensuring a smooth driving experience. The boost buildup is crafted to be natural and seamless, preserving the stock-like response for stress-free vehicle operation.

Experience an increase in peak power without sacrificing responsiveness?a remarkable achievement in turbo design. The ARMS M7760 offers instantaneous response, eliminating lag and abrupt boost pressures for an enhanced driving experience.

Stand out with the ability to maintain boost pressure at high RPMs, surpassing the limitations of stock turbochargers. This turbo is a foundation for advanced tuning, offering a 100% bolt-on solution complete with gaskets, plumbing, and hardware for easy installation right out of the box. Elevate your EJ engine’s performance effortlessly with the ARMS M7760.

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Introducing the ARMS M7760, a turbocharger meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate into the confined space of the EJ engine, providing an unparalleled performance upgrade. Despite its substantial size, the turbo’s internals are a testament to efficiency, optimizing design for maximum output. The result is a turbo that preserves the EJ engine’s distinctive characteristics while extending the power band into higher RPMs.

The key to unlocking the EJ’s full potential lies in the turbocharger upgrade, a transformative process that enhances overall performance. At low RPMs, primary exhaust pressure remains identical to stock, ensuring a smooth transition. The boost buildup is artfully designed to be both natural and seamless, offering a stress-free driving experience and effortless vehicle operation.

Maintaining response equal to the stock trim was a priority in our design philosophy. While larger turbochargers often lead to decreased engine response, our meticulous matching of the ideal turbine and compressor wheel preserves the stock-like response. Countless hours of testing validate this achievement, delivering an enhanced driving experience without compromising responsiveness.

Witness an impressive increase in peak power despite limitations such as the turbo size constraint?an accomplishment we take pride in. Our design ensures an instantaneous response without lag or abrupt boost pressures, elevating the overall driving experience.

One of the standout features of the ARMS M7760 is its ability to maintain boost pressure at high RPMs. Unlike the stock turbocharger, which struggles beyond 5,500 RPMs, the M7760 effortlessly extends this limit. This makes it an ideal choice for advanced tuning, providing a foundation for further performance enhancements.

Experience the convenience of a 100% bolt-on solution with our comprehensive turbo kit, including all necessary gaskets, plumbing, and hardware. Installation is a breeze, allowing you to bolt it on straight out of the box. Upgrade your EJ engine with the ARMS M7760 for a seamless blend of power, efficiency, and ease of installation.

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