TOMEI – Forged Piston Kit – SR20DET

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Experience the epitome of engine performance with our meticulously crafted pistons. From the combustion chamber to the cylinder, our forged aluminum alloy pistons redefine strength, enduring combustion pressures of 200 kgf and an astonishing 11 tons of force. Unlike stock OEM counterparts, our pistons are designed for highly modified engines, boasting resilience in the face of extreme temperatures and pressures. TOMEI pistons, trusted in elite RB26 and SR20 engines, share the precision found in Group C and F1 racing. Elevate your engine discreetly with our piston kits, available in bore sizes 86.5mm, 87.0mm, and 87.5mm, each including pistons, rings, pins, and circlips for a comprehensive enhancement. Choose your bore size and unlock unparalleled power.

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In the intricate heart of the engine, from the combustion chamber to the cylinder, a resilient piston operates seamlessly, deftly converting the explosive energy into a harmonious rotational movement. Among the myriad components within the engine, the piston endures the harshest conditions, bravely withstanding the relentless force of massive energy and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Recognizing the pivotal role of the piston in transferring combusted energy to mechanical movement, it becomes imperative for this component to exhibit exceptional strength against the extremes it encounters. While stock OEM pistons, crafted from cast metal, serve admirably in mass production scenarios, they falter under the intense stress imposed by highly modified engines exceeding 100 horsepower per cylinder.

Enter our solution ? meticulously engineered pistons forged from aluminum alloy. This advanced material empowers our pistons to transcend the limitations of stock components, demonstrating remarkable resilience against severe circumstances. Crafted from forged metal, our pistons exhibit unparalleled strength, enabling them to withstand combustion pressures of 200 kgf and an astonishing 11 tons of force, even in the presence of combusted gas temperatures reaching up to 2,500 degrees Celsius. Notably, TOMEI pistons, employed in the high-performance RB26 and SR20 engines, mirror the precision found in pistons used in prestigious Group C and F1 racing.

For those seeking a performance boost, our pistons are available in various bore sizes, including 86.5mm, 87.0mm, and 87.5mm. Each kit encompasses pistons, piston rings, pins, and circlips, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your engine enhancement needs. Choose your preferred bore size below to elevate your engine’s capabilities discreetly and effectively.


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