TOMEI – Fuel Pump – Skyline R34 Silvia S15 (248L/h)

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Elevate your engine’s performance with precision tuning essentials. Our TOMEI fuel pumps deliver increased air and fuel for enhanced power output, crucial for modifications like boosted levels, advanced camshafts, and turbos. Upgrading from stock injectors is a necessity, and TOMEI ensures seamless integration with engines like the Nissan Skyline GTS R34 and Nissan Silvia S15, achieving an impressive output of 540 PS. Redefine your driving experience with our specialized, AI-optimized solutions.

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Achieving peak performance in high-level engine tuning demands precision and efficiency. Elevating your engine’s capabilities necessitates a surge in air and fuel delivery to amplify power output. As such, surpassing the limitations of stock injectors becomes imperative, making an upgrade essential. This enhancement is vital for various modifications, ranging from heightened boost levels and advanced camshafts to turbos or other forced induction methods. TOMEI provides optimal fuel pumps tailored to the specific requirements of the engines we specialize in, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance. Witness a remarkable output of 540 PS, perfectly suited for vehicles like the Nissan Skyline GTS R34 and Nissan Silvia S15, as we redefine the standards of engine optimization.


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