TOMEI – Head Stud Set – Nissan SR20

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Optimizing head gasket performance is crucial for cooling, rigidity, and sealing. Traditional bolt and nut combinations concentrate power, limiting effectiveness and risking damage. Enter stud bolts?dynamic design disperses force across all threads, ensuring robust, distributed power. Witness enhanced performance in the SR20 through this innovative solution.

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To ensure optimal performance of head gaskets, addressing crucial factors such as cooling, rigidity, and sealing is paramount. Strengthening the connection between the cylinder head and cylinder block becomes essential. Traditional methods employing common bolts and nuts often result in concentrated bolting power, limiting overall effectiveness. Despite efforts to enhance bolt strength, stress tends to concentrate, posing a risk of bolt damage. The alternative solution lies in the application of stud bolts, incorporating dynamic design elements in their threading. This design disperses bolting force across all screw threads, generating robust and distributed bolting power. This approach, exemplified in the SR20, mitigates concentrated stress and elevates overall performance.


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