TOMEI – Head Stud Set – Nissan VQ35DE

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Elevate head gasket performance with our advanced stud bolt solution tailored for Nissan VQ35DE. Unlike common bolts, our dynamic threading design disperses bolting force evenly across all screw threads, preventing concentration issues and ensuring robust sealing, cooling, and rigidity. Say goodbye to limitations and potential damage?experience unparalleled bolting power for sustained engine reliability.

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To ensure optimal performance and durability of head gaskets, encompassing essential factors like cooling, rigidity, and sealing, it becomes imperative to enhance the structural integrity of the cylinder head-cylinder block combination. The conventional use of common bolts and nuts, regardless of the strength employed, tends to concentrate bolting power unevenly, limiting the overall bolting capability. This concentration typically occurs from the third to the first mountain of the screw, restricting the enhancement of total bolting power beyond a certain threshold. Additionally, this method may subject the bolt to excessive stress, potentially causing damage. In contrast, a stud bolt employs a dynamic threading design, effectively dispersing the bolting force across all screw threads. This innovative approach results in a robust and distributed bolting power, preventing concentration-related issues. Tailored to accommodate Nissan VQ35DE specifications, this stud bolt solution ensures optimal performance and longevity for head gaskets.


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