TOMEI – Injector Coupler (Denso)

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Upgrade your Nissan or Subaru injectors effortlessly with our DENSO Injector Upgrade Kit. Engineered for high-powered gains in tuned engines, this kit includes a versatile coupler compatible with DENSO round coupler connectors. Suitable for both top-feed and side-feed oval connector type injectors, the package comes complete with 1 Coupler, 2 Terminals, and 2 Wire Seals. Ensure peak performance in your vehicle with this essential upgrade, specifically tailored for DENSO injector types.

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“For optimal performance gains in tuned engines, it is essential to include this DENSO injector upgrade kit. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Nissan and Subaru vehicles, this kit is a crucial component for those seeking increased power. Whether you’re upgrading injectors for high-performance applications or transitioning to DENSO types, this package includes everything you need for a smooth installation process. The coupler provided is highly compatible with all DENSO-made round coupler connectors, making it the ideal choice for both top-feed and side-feed oval connector type injectors. Kit contents feature 1 x Coupler, 2 x Terminals, and 2 x Wire Seals. Please note that this kit is not compatible with square-shaped connector injectors, ensuring a precise fit for your specific vehicle model.”


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