TOMEI – Main Stud Set – Nissan RB20/RB25/RB26

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Secure optimal metal clearance for the crankshaft during high rotation and heavy loads with our advanced crank bearing cap. Unlike conventional bolt and nut setups that concentrate force unevenly, our stud bolt employs dynamic threading to disperse bolting force across all screw threads, ensuring mighty and damage-resistant bolting power. Engineered for excellence, it’s the perfect fit for *RB20DET*, *RB25DET*, and *RB26DETT* engines. Elevate performance and durability with our innovative solution.

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Ensuring a precise metal clearance for the crankshaft during high rotation and heavy loads is imperative, necessitating a secure attachment of the crank bearing cap. This is crucial to withstand forces arising from bend or torsion vibrations. However, conventional bolt and nut combinations, regardless of the strength of the bolt used, encounter limitations. The bolting power tends to concentrate unevenly, particularly from the third to the first mountain of the screw, preventing a substantial increase in total bolting power. This concentration also poses a risk of excessive stress, potentially leading to bolt damage.

In contrast, the stud bolt adopts a dynamic design for its threading, effectively dispersing bolting force across all screw threads. This innovative approach results in a robust bolting power capable of handling demanding conditions. Notably, the stud bolt is optimized for compatibility with *RB20DET*, *RB25DET*, and *RB26DETT* engines, providing a reliable solution for their specific requirements.


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