TOMEI – Main Stud Set – Nissan SR20

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Optimize crankshaft metal clearance with a secure crank bearing cap designed to withstand high rotation and load forces. Traditional bolt and nut combinations concentrate power unevenly, limiting effectiveness and risking bolt damage. Enter the stud bolt?dynamic threading disperses bolting force evenly across all screw threads, ensuring a powerful and damage-resistant solution. Ideal for applications like the SR20, this innovative design enhances overall performance and durability.

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To ensure optimal metal clearance of the crankshaft during high rotation and load, it is essential to employ a crank bearing cap. This cap firmly secures the bearing, effectively withstanding forces arising from bend or torsion vibrations. Traditional bolt and nut combinations, despite the use of strengthened bolts, tend to concentrate bolting power unevenly, limiting the overall effectiveness. This concentration typically occurs from the third to the first mountain of the screw, preventing the enhancement of bolting power beyond a specific threshold. Additionally, this method may lead to excessive stress, potentially damaging the bolt.

In contrast, a stud bolt, specifically designed with dynamic threading, disperses bolting force across all screw threads. This innovative design ensures a uniform distribution of stress, preventing concentrated damage to the bolt. The result is a robust and powerful bolting mechanism that effectively addresses the challenges posed by high rotation and load conditions. This solution is particularly well-suited for applications like the SR20.


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