TOMEI – Valve Lifter Set – CA18DET

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Revitalize your engine’s power with our Hydro Eliminator Kit! Say goodbye to hydraulic limitations and embrace high-performance setups. This kit, tailored for Nissan CA18DET Engines, features a solid-type camshaft with a 1mm base height and 29mm base circle diameter. Ideal for TOMEI camshafts with lifts of 9.25mm or 10.25mm, it’s a lightweight powerhouse at 35g, ensuring strength and durability. Upgrade to the shim adjusting system and experience the true potential of your vehicle with this set of 16 components. Unleash the power ? upgrade to Hydro Eliminator today!

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Upgrade your engine’s performance with our revolutionary Hydro Eliminator Kit! Boost horsepower in your setup by bidding farewell to hydraulic constraints, especially crucial for accommodating big cam lift profile camshafts. Make the switch from hydraulic lifters to the shim adjusting system for optimal results. Our solid type camshaft, with a base height of 1mm and small base circle diameter of 29, ensures precision and durability. Specifically designed for TOMEI camshafts with lifts of 9.25mm or 10.25mm, our lightweight model, crafted through cold forging, weighs approximately 35g (compared to the standard 57.5g). This kit, comprising 16 components, is tailored for the Nissan CA18DET Engine, promising unmatched strength and performance. Upgrade now for a seamless transition and experience the power of Hydro Eliminator technology!


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