JUN – Lash Killer Kit – Nissan SR20DET

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Elevate your Nissan SR20 engine’s performance with the JUN Lash Killer Kit. This innovative solution enhances tappet clearance, offering maintenance-free operation and reduced noise while overcoming high rotation challenges. Specifically designed for SR20DE(T) models, the kit introduces a solid process on the lash adjuster, enabling higher rotation and improved tuning capabilities. Compatibility extends to RNN14 PULSAR models with modifications to the automotive valve system. Upgrade your SR engine effortlessly with the JUN Lash Killer Kit, eliminating the need for a pivot washer and allowing the adoption of standard valve retainers and valve springs.

In Stock


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“The SR20 engine incorporates a lash adjuster for tappet clearance, excluding the RNN14 PULSAR model. This design offers maintenance-free operation and noise reduction through a clearance of 0. However, it poses challenges with reduced performance during high rotation due to oil pressure control. Consequently, the SR20 faces inherent tuning difficulties. The JUN Lash Killer Kit addresses this issue by implementing a solid process on the lash adjuster, enabling the SR engine to achieve higher rotation. The kit is applicable to Nissan SR20DE(T), requiring the use of a solid-type camshaft. For RNN14 models, a modified automotive valve system is necessary, including separate components such as valve INT/EXH, locker-arm, pivot, locker-guide, locker shaft retainer, locker valve spring, and shim. Notably, there’s no need for a pivot washer, and standard products for valve retainers and valve springs can be adopted for compatibility.


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