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Unleash the power of your engine with our TRIPLE DVD SET, offering nearly 5 HOURS of detailed insights into valve trains and heads. From cam types to lifters, springs, and more, this guide covers it all. Learn cam card reading, cam degreeing, and the impact of lift, duration, overlap, and lobe centers. Discover the difference between aggressive and mild profile cams, and gain expertise on lifters, rocker arms, valve springs, and more. This video dispels myths, conducts flow bench tests, and provides a clear, easy-to-understand exploration of heads and valve trains. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, this is the video for unlocking your engine’s true potential!

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Uncover the secrets of high-performance engines with our exclusive TRIPLE DVD SET, delivering nearly 5 HOURS of meticulously detailed insights! This comprehensive guide walks you through the intricacies of the entire valve train, covering a myriad of cam types such as flat tappet, hydraulic roller, and solid roller, along with lifters, springs, push rods, and various cast iron and aluminum heads. Learn to decipher cam cards and master the art of cam degreeing. Grasp the significance of lift, duration, overlap, and lobe centers, and understand their impact on your engine’s performance.

Distinguish between aggressive and mild profile cams, unraveling their functions to help you select the perfect match for your needs. Dive into the realm of lifters, rocker arms, rocker studs, valve springs, retainers, locks, intake and exhaust runners, larger valve installations, screw-in studs, guide plates, un-shrouding combustion chambers, and gasket matching for heads and intake manifolds. Acquire essential insights into bowl blending, discover the necessary tools and their proper usage, explore O-ring head gaskets, and weigh the pros and cons of aluminum versus cast iron heads.

This video guide goes beyond the basics, dispelling myths and settling old wives’ tales. Delve into a wealth of information, including flow bench tests showcasing stock heads, mildly ported heads, and high-performance heads. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, this video provides an in-depth yet easily understandable exploration of heads and valve trains. If you’ve ever yearned to witness firsthand demonstrations and have complex concepts explained in plain English, then this is the video tailor-made for you! Unleash your engine’s potential with knowledge that transcends conventional wisdom.

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