TOMEI – Camshafts – RB25DET R33 R34 (Procam)

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Explore our latest PROCAMS collection, tailored for RB25DE(T) engines. Crafted with precision by TOMEI, these high-performance cams offer diverse lift/duration combinations for tuned vehicles. Elevate your driving experience with options like PROCAM RB25 R33 NVCS IN 256-8.5mm and PROCAM RB25/RB20 EX 256-8.5mm. Ensure seamless installation with essential components like valve springs and solid lifters. Unleash the full potential of your engine with TOMEI PROCAMS ? where performance meets precision. Drive with confidence and power.

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Introducing our cutting-edge collection of high-performance cams designed for RB25DE(T) engines. Explore the diverse range of ‘PROCAMS’ featuring meticulously crafted lift/duration combinations meticulously curated by TOMEI, as showcased in our comprehensive catalog. These precision-engineered cams are tailored for highly tuned vehicles, ensuring optimal performance.

For seamless installation, it is essential to equip your engine with the necessary components. Valve springs, solid lifters, and shims are indispensable requirements for unleashing the full potential of these cams. Choose from an array of options such as PROCAM RB25 R33 NVCS IN 256-8.5mm, PROCAM RB25/RB20 EX 256-8.5mm, PROCAM RB25 R33(-97.9) EX 256-8.5mm, and many more listed in our catalog.

Elevate your driving experience with TOMEI’s state-of-the-art PROCAMS, meticulously designed for enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance. Upgrade your RB25DE(T) engine with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen quality and precision. Drive to new heights with TOMEI PROCAMS ? where performance meets perfection.

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