TOMEI – Valve Guides – RB20DET R31

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Elevate your engine’s performance with TOMEI’s cutting-edge Valve Guides crafted from high-tensile Phosphor Bronze alloy. Designed for high-powered and high RPM engines, these guides excel in superior heat transfer and reduced friction, ensuring optimal clearances. Say goodbye to valve train stress, seizures, and cracking. Perfectly suited for Nissan Skyline R31 – RB20DET and R32 – RB20DET engines, TOMEI brings you durability and peak performance in every drive.

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TOMEI revolutionizes engine performance with its advanced Valve Guides crafted from Phosphor Bronze (Cn-Sn-P alloy), ensuring unparalleled tensile strength and superior heat transfer capabilities crucial for high-powered, high RPM engines. In the contemporary landscape of race engines demanding increased power at higher RPMs with leaner AFR mixtures, the valve train faces heightened heat stress, posing a risk of rapid deterioration. The Phosphor Bronze material, with its remarkably low friction, facilitates optimal clearances, effectively mitigating stress on the valve train. This results in a preventive measure against seizures and cracking under extreme stress loads. Specifically designed for Nissan Skyline R31 – RB20DET and Nissan Skyline R32 – RB20DET engines, TOMEI’s Valve Guides stand as a testament to cutting-edge engineering that ensures peak performance and durability in the most demanding conditions.