TOMEI – Valve Springs – CA18DE(T)

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Elevate your high RPM, high-powered tuned engines with our top-notch valve spring, meticulously designed for precision in replicating camshaft movement. Crafted with utmost care in material selection, advanced coatings, and innovative technologies, our product undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee exceptional quality and performance in any scenario. Featuring a 10.35 lift, it’s tailored for Nissan CA18DET engines, ensuring unparalleled reliability and optimal functionality. Upgrade to excellence for peak engine performance.

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Achieving optimal performance in high RPM, high-powered tuned engines demands precision in replicating the camshaft’s exact movement. Our meticulously crafted valve spring stands out as the epitome of quality for this purpose. We prioritize excellence by carefully selecting materials, employing advanced coatings, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies in our product development. Rigorous pre-production testing further ensures top-tier quality, guaranteeing exceptional performance in diverse conditions. Key features include a 10.35 lift that perfectly suits Nissan CA18DET engines, making our product the ideal choice for those seeking unparalleled performance and reliability.


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